Friday, June 6, 2008

Symbols of Mice and Men

In Mice of Men there are many symbols, even though the characters didn’t see them the readers sure did. The omen’s in the story are unpredicted but was bound to happen. The symbols that are shown in the story will help the reader to predict the outcome.

In the Mice of Men the character Lennie is mentally challenged but he is powerful in stature. His love for animals made his personality visual to show he wouldn’t hurt a fly. His hands that he uses to comfort and nurture these pets often leaves them with crushed skulls. The dead pet’s he has symbolizes shows death and destruction amongst everything.

This shows upcoming death in the story, as it symbolizes events of death in start rolling in. The death of Candy’s dog, the death of Lennie’s puppy, and the death of Curly’s wife. The symbol was more of an omen than anything else because of the outcome of this omen end up in a death.

The grief in the story is also a representative of the dead pets, because Lennie has grieved over all of them. As Lennie killed his pet puppy he grieved over the death of the young pup. When he killed Curly’s wife, the worker’s and Curly grieved over her death in a vengeful mob. When George killed Lennie he grieved over his dead body as he killed his friend who was like a brother to him but more like a son.

The animals in the story symbolizes death and grief, through out the entire story is death and grief. Watch out for the symbols our else your just plain surprised.

The American Dream

What is the American Dream? Well you wouldn’t know if you already have it. For some it’s a different story because this dream is just a fantasy but easily possible with hard work and motivation.

In Mice of Men two characters runs off to seek a job, the two men are so different in comparison but love each very much. Chasing the American dream they were left with a burden on their shoulder as one of the men Lennie is mentally challenged. Then again he is a strong and good worker. George the caretaker of Lennie watches out for Lennie in every way, he speaks for him, he teaches him, he nurtures him, he’s like an older brother more than a father. They fight back and forth over little things but they both want one thing, a better life for one another.

The life they are trying to grasp is at their fingertips if they can keep a steady job, and in real life this is the same way. They work hard to earn enough money so they can by their ranch but it’s a long way coming. This constantly reminds the two characters, but never loose hope because it’s all planned out. Sometimes you run along in life and find a helping hand, latterly a helping hand. Candy, old and some what useless sweet man over heard George and Lennie plan of escaping a hard life.

Candy a useless old man pitches in on helping the cause while he tags along, putting up most of the amount him and the boys celebrate in the newfound glory. Promising of keeping their mouth shut, just keep one thing in mind and work hard and everything will be smooth as butter from there. Then Lennie run into a snag that ended him up in death row. He killed the poor boss son’s wife, in the intent to keep her quiet.

As Lennie free from the seen his friend George went off running looking for him, finding him at their safe haven. George, a brother like figure to Lennie took the life of Lennie. Lennie was the burden that George had to carry he was the last obstacle toward that American Dream; It was better for him to then an angry mob.

Things in life doesn’t come easy, things in life come with sacrifices, and things that are wanted are not that simple. We are all after something, do what’s necessary well if it’s needed.

Service Learning Reflection video

Service Learning Reflection May 22nd

In our group we have choosen a room to place the store. The room is big and very conveniant because its in the lunch room. The room was dirty and we started by sweeping and mopping the floor. Then we decided to split the group in half, one go's to the gallery and see prices and things to sell at the store. The other half stayed back and help writethe bill, the leader decided to keep back the one's who where very low in grade according to service learning. Then my group went to kmart and we couldnt find much so we went to five and below because the store had alot of school supplies. We went through the ailes nd found some interesting things and recoreded them down. The prices we had to check because its a profit we are trying to make. so we didnt wanted to over price things, because wouldn't buy them. After that we was done and went home.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Service Plans for April 31st

Our plan is to finish up the letter for Gilder Lerman and try to move on to the grant, if possible with the help Of Ms.Klose. Then we are trying to put all the idea's for the school store together and try to lose all the dumb idea's and add up the amount to see how much it will cost.

The school store can be a possible thing to have because one already exist, its ina nice area and we believe it can be done. Now the survival guilde will take a while because the group is compose of people who plays around to much and Wich I believe to not have any sense of leadership. Our group is sorta distorted and frustrating. So what ever they dont get done we have to or we can chose not to and just laugh!!!

Service learning Reflection #3

In our service learning to members left the group because they decided that the group is stupid and the leader is to. I probaly agree to because the leader of our group I believe do not know what he is doing and we are getting no where. So we splitted the groups into three, one works on the survival guilde, another works on the school store and my group was to make a grant and letter to Gilder Lerman.

Every one has work to show but not yet shown and observe by the group due to time. We was in the middle quiet reserach and brain storming in the school store group and survival guilde. My group was especially easy because we decided to write a letter first because it was easier and nobody didn't know how to write a grant. Then we went our seperate ways and began to work.

Survival Guilde

School Store

Grant And Letter
Ashlee Kalfasx

Friday, April 25, 2008

Service Learning plans for April 25th

Today we are going to work for our school store and work to see if we can get a grant and what we stock in our store's. Then we can see who can work in the store and who is in charge of the store money and supplies. We are also going to pick area where the store is going to be at and so on.

we will see for today.